Testosterone Injections

How To Administer Testosterone Injections

We live in an improved and ever developing world where science and technology plays a big role in our lives. We can see and acknowledge how they change our lives in different ways and areas. Taking medical science to the next level, science and experts have discovered and invented so many fast curing products or methods for various health issues.

Among the many developed medicines and treatments, let us specifically look into the topic on testosterone injections. Testosterone is an androgen hormone produced in the male and female bodies of living beings. The normal growth and development of the male and female sex organs for normal function and to control his/her sexual characteristics highly depend on Testosterone.

Role of Testosterone in the body

Taking the male gender as a particular subject, Testosterone is formed in the testes of the male body and it is responsible for producing sperm and reproduction. If the Testosterone level is low, so likely, it will result to low chance in reproduction. So, testosterone plays vital role in the male for help with his sexual characteristics, reproduction, etc. Low testosterone level can cause late puberty for both male and female.

Testosterone affects not only the sexual characters, it also affects the growth of the body hair like facial, armpit, pubic hair, distribution of fats, strengthening of bones and muscle mass in the body. It also maintains the level of energy and mood.

Testosterone InjectionsThere are various kinds of Testosterone medication methods — Testosterone gel, Testosterone cream, Testosterone pills, Testosterone injections, and the like. Among these, Testosterone injections seem the most effective as the absorption is most in the body and last the longest.

How To Administer Testosterone Injections

We shall see how Testosterone injections are done. The procedure is much the same as normal injections. It is a painless injection.

  • First of all, it is a must to check on the dosage of the person who is to be injected so you know the proper amount to be given. The preparation is dropped into a crystal clear solution. If the solution is noticed to be discolored and the particles are visible, it is strictly advised to re-prepare another solution.
  • Once the preparation is done, it is very important to find the right spot on the body that is to be injected. The most convenient and easiest location is the right buttock of the person.
  • The patient must lie on his side facing his hips. Put your left palm on his thigh bone, your fingers should aim straight at his head and your thumb in his groin. Then spread your index finger away from the other fingers in such a way that you make a ‘V’ shape. The small space between the ‘V’ is the perfect spot for the injection.
  • Now, slowly but firmly push the syringe straight through the skin between your ‘V’ shaped fingers. Then, insert the needle deep into the skin but check for placement so that the solution is neatly injected.

If you notice blood coming out of the plunger while the injection is still in process, you must quickly withdraw the syringe. When the blood stops, insert the needle again till the drug is fully injected. Then, withdraw the needle and if needed gently rub the main spot for better flow of the drug. The procedure is finished.

We have now properly demonstrated what Testosterone hormone is and how testosterone injections should be applied and administered. I hope we will now be much clearer on the facts and importance of maintaining a steady Testosterone level in our body.