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Testosterone injections are now being popularly used to bulk up or simply to improve the physique and look of the body in men. But there are side effects too.

Choosing a reputable source for your testosterone injections

Testosterone injections are becoming more and more popular in today’s society. The problem has been that as this type of treatment gets more popular, there seem to be more providers that are trying to capitalize on the treatment. While this has produced several reputable providers, there has also been an increase in sub-par providers. Because of this you must use caution when choosing a provider for your testosterone injections, much like choosing any doctor.

What are some things to look for when choosing a doctor to make sure that you are going to be properly cared for?

1) Always make sure that the doctor has proper licensure. You would be surprised at how many fraudulent doctors pop up in a medical area like this. If you can not find documented proof of his/her credentials you should run away as quickly as you can. This should be pretty obvious but it is sometimes something that gets overlooked.

2) Make sure that you do research online. With today’s current level of technology, you can find just about everything out about your doctor from the comfort of your own home. If you are going to see a doctor for a testosterone injection make sure that you are looking for past patient reviews. Even if a doctor has the proper certification for a procedure, it does not mean that doctor is necessarily good at what he does. Just like there are good orthopedic surgeons and bad orthopedic surgeons, there are good doctors at administering trt injections and there are bad ones. Reading patient reviews about the procedure itself and any side effects they might have is essential when choosing a doctor.

3) Find out what injection type your doctor is using. There are several different companies that make testosterone injections. Some are much more dangerous to a persons health while others are much safer. The safer ones tend to deliver smaller results while the riskier ones come with an increase chance of maximal gains. Either way the choice is up to you and should not be overlooked.

4) Make sure you feel comfortable. Ultimately you are going to be building a relationship with this doctor. If he or she is not someone that you can feel comfortable with, then you need to look elsewhere. The last thing that you want to do is be stuck in a doctor/patient relationship that you can not stand being a part of.

Choosing a doctor for your testosterone injections is extremely important. Make sure that you are doing thourough research into your options, as improperly administered shots can have very serious side effects.

What are the causes of testosterone deficiency?

Are you man who constantly feels tired with low self-esteem? Are you energy levels constantly dwindling? Do you find yourself unable to get excited for sexual activity because you just don’t have the energy? If you answered yes to any of these questions and are over the age of 30, you may have low testosterone. Low testosterone is a very common occurrence throughout today’s male population and is nothing to be ashamed of and best yet, this can be treated. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for growth in the human body as well as one of its main sources of energy. As the body grows older the level of testosterone production in the male body decreases. This leads to the symptoms listed above as well as loss of body hair, depression, muscle weakness, decreased sex drive, mental exhaustion, mood swings and underdeveloped testicles. All of these problems can be cured quite simply by increasing the level of testosterone in the blood steam through trt injections.

testosterone injectionsWhat are the causes of testosterone deficiency? This deficiency can be caused by a number of things, most commonly increasing age, damage to the pituitary gland, testicles, or hypothalamus. There are also various diseases that exist that could lead to a decrease in testosterone production. While this used to be an uncommon problem, the number of men experiencing this deficiency has increased dramatically over the past 10 years. Much like other diseases there are multiple classes of testosterone deficiency. Primary deficiency is when the testicles are the only organ affected.  This results in low testosterone and high gonadotropin in the blood. Secondary deficiency is when the pituitary glands are affected. This results in low testosterone and low gonadotropin levels.  These often when diagnosis and men went through life not quite understanding what happened to their youth but with modern medicine and the use of testosterone injections we are able to cure these problems.

TRT shots are administered through the muscles. This has been found to be the most beneficial form of injection because of the fact that it allows the shot to be directly absorbed into the blood. Depending on your condition, your level of testosterone could increase or decrease. The goal of this injection is to get your testosterone levels to a commonly accepted level. It is unlikely that you have had a testosterone level check prior to discovering that you were deficient, so you may never reach the level that you used to have, but you will feel much better after being administered these shots. While you can purchase testosterone through online web portals, it is illegal in the United States. Testosterone injections should only be administered under the care of a licensed practitioner and it is often conducted at a hospital or surgery center.

Having the proper level of testosterone in your blood stream is important, not only for your ego but also for your body. It has shown that properly administered testosterone shots will increase muscle strength, improve your skin and hair, bring back the sexual appetite and reduce mood swings. Do not continue to live life as a shadow of what you used to be. Contact us for a testosterone injection today!

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