The Pros and Cons of Testosterone Injections

The popularity of testosterone injections is rising steadily, but before you jump on the bandwagon it may be a good idea to determine the possible advantages and disadvantages that these testosterone shots can bring. You should also discuss the matter with your doctor, who may provide you with all the information you need to know. Your doctor is also the person who may best determine if you need testosterone supplements in the first place.

Testosterone Injection ProsPros

• Muscle loss prevention. Testosterone shots, in combination with certain weight lifting exercises, can stop the steady loss of muscle tissue. Muscle loss also contributes to loss of energy, and by stopping it you can regain your vitality.
• Prevention of osteoporosis. Testosterone can increase bone calcium levels, which is crucial in preventing the onset of bone loss.
• Restoration of sex drive. For some men, this can be quite crucial. The lack of interest in sex can greatly affect a man’s quality of life. Boosting the libido is possible with testosterone supplements. Other conditions such as erectile dysfunction may also be treated by these injections. Consequently, you may no longer need those little blue pills, which often results in some serious side effects.
• Prevention of anemia. Oxygen is spread throughout your body by healthy red blood cells. If your red blood cell count declines, then this results in having less oxygen in your system. This condition is called anemia, and when you’re anemic, one of the signs is that you constantly feel tired. You can correct this condition with testosterone injections, and after a while you should be able to raise your red blood cell count and gain the vitality you have lost.


• Decrease in testicle size and function. After many years of testosterone supplemental shots, your testicles may shrink as a result. This condition has been reported by some men but not all. Such condition is not serious enough to pose any significant risk. It may simply mean that after many years of testosterone shots to compensate for the deficiency, you may not find it as easy to produce children. However, your interest in sex may remain undiminished.
• Enlargement of prostate glands. In some men, the prostate gland may begin to grow bigger and the most noticeable consequence of this is that you may find it more difficult to empty your bladder. Because it affects the prostate, there is some apprehension that it may increase the risk of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is prevalent among men (about 9 men get prostate cancer for every woman who gets breast cancer), and anything that affects the prostate is always a cause for concern. There have been no word or evidence, however, that supplemental testosterone does increase the risk.

You need to discuss all your concerns with your doctor in order to determine if testosterone injections can benefit your current medical condition. You, however, are the final arbiter. You need to decide whether or not the benefits you will receive from these shots outweigh in your mind the possible discomfort and risks.